About AJ

About AJ
Albert Jethro Chegwidden worked as a cow hand at a ranch in Wyoming for a short time, then joined the Navy. AJ, as he is called, trained as a SeAL, and was soon sent to Vietnam.
Later, AJ was the XO and CO of different ships, and served as the head of JAG East Coast. Presently, Chegwidden is a Rear Admiral (upper half), and the Judge Advocate General fo the Navy's Judge Advocate General Corps.
He is divorced from Marcella Peretti, a woman he met while stationed in Italy, and has one daughter, Marcella. AJ's last love interest was Dr. Sydney Walden, who broke up with him because she believed her pot head son over AJ. Your too good for her anyways, AJ! You need someone who'll appreciate you...someone...like me! hehe. Some would like to see him with Col. Sarah MacKenzie.