Credits and Links

There are people I would like to thank, without whom this page would not be possible. Special thanks to J.K. Rhodes for allowing me to use four pictures from Kung FU: The Legend Continues on the Computer Garden. Another thank you goes out to Ann, a. k. a. nailbunny, for customizing a great pic of Scott Wentworth. This pic was provided by Amparo Betram's home page. Last, but definitely not least, The Chris Potter Picture Pages. What a great page!!!

Now, links to my favorite KF sites on the web.

My Snazzy List of Links

Scott Wentworth's biography:
Kung FU: The Legend Continues Online FAQ:
Zoriana's Kung Fu Page:
KF:TLC Script Collection:
Kung Fu: The List Continues:
T 'n' T's Top Ten Lists: (has a few comical top ten lists about Kung Fu)
The Chris Potter Picture Pages: Snappies from KF:TLC, Silk Stalkings, and everything else CP's been in.