Clayton Webb is Deputy Director of Operations for the CIA, although sometimes he may claim he is Special Assistant to the Undersecretary of the State Department. Don't let him fool you. Webb will also try to make you believe he is cold and uncaring, but don't let him fool you there either. Webb may put his country first, but he is fiercely loyal to his friends.
Born in 1962, to Neville and Porter Webb, Webb followed in the family tradition of horse-riding, partying at fancy soirees, and, of course, spying. Neville worked for NSA and CIA, and Porter for NSA. An excellent marksman, Webb prefers the Baretta 21 Automatic as weapon of choice. His education includes Harvard, National Cryptographic school, and time spent with the Army. His skills include omputer skills, linguistic skills (speaks French, German, Dutch and Thai),and deception and all the necesary skills to "spy."
Clay, as he is known to those closest to him, lives in Alexandria Virginia with his fish and his cherry red Z-3 Convertible in the garage.