Baby Caine

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Peter Caine cradled his new born son, Kwai. He had been a little hervous about the babt, but as soon as he looked into Kwai's big brown eyes, all his fears were alieved. Peter put the baby back into it's mother's arms and walked to the waiting room where their friend and family were awaiting the news. "It's a boy!" announced Peter jubilantly. "We named him after you Pup," he said to his father, Kwai Chang.
"I am honored," said the elder Caine, embracing his son.
"How is the new mother?" inquired Mary Margaret.
"I'm not sure she likes me anymore, but she's fine," Peter answered.
"Aww, poor Peter," said Kermit sarcastically, "Did she yell at you?"
Kermit Griffin had witnessed births before, and knew how the birthing woman sometimes cursed the entire male gender. He smiled, remembering days gone by, then shook his head, refocusing. "I brough the quirt something," he said handing Peter a brown paper bag. Peter opend the bag, smiling when he found a stuffed Kermit the Frog. "Since I am the kid's Godfather..."
"Thanks, Kermit. It's great," said Peter.