"Seacouver Airlines," said the receptionist when she answered the phone. "Can I help you?" "When is the next flight to Paris?" questioned the caller.
"A seat just vacated on a flight that leaves in three hours," said the woman.
"I'll take it," said the man.
"Your name sir?" she asked.
"Joe Dawson."

Joe arrived in Paris the next day and went straight to MacLeod's barge. There he found Amanda leaning against the door asleep. He shook her gently awake. "Hi Joe," she said drowsily.
"Hi Amanda," he said, "any luck with MacLeod?" When she shook her head no, he went on. "Don't worry, reinforcements are on the way. Just before I left, Adam called to say he was on his way with Connor MacLeod.
"Methos," said Amanda, correcting Joe. "And the legendary Connor MacLeod? Is he anything like Duncan?" "He was his teacher," replied Joe.
"I hope he can help, Joe," she said, barely audible.
"Me too Amanda, me too."

Inside the barge, Duncan had finally given in to sleep. But his rest was not a peaceful one. His dreams were filled with Richie, and he woke up and began to cry. "That's a good sign," said Amanda upon hearing him. He hasn't cried since it happened. It meaning that horrid night when Duncan had accidentally cut off Richie's head, thinking he was another demon.

Methos arrived with Connor MacLeod shortly there after. When Connor heard Duncan crying, he wanted to break down the barge door, and get in there to help, but he decided against it. "Duncan," he called softly," Bonnie Duncan?" " Connor, what are you doing here," shouted Duncan, his voice thick with tears. "Let me in, Duncan, and I'll tell you," persuaded Connor. Connor was the only family Duncan had in the world, and he desperately wanted to see him. "Okay," he said, unlocking the door. "You can come in. Oh Connor, you don't know what happened," he said when Connor entered, and the door was once again shut. "Actually I do," he said," Your friend Adam told me. They care about you, your friends." "Adam?" Duncan said, for a moment forgetting Methos' alias. "Oh, yes, Adam," he said remembering. Oh Connor, I feel like dying."
"By doing that you'd be dishonoring Richie," Connor said firmly.
"How's that?" questioned Duncan.
"Close your eyes Duncan, tell me what you see." "Richie," Duncan said sorrowfully.
"That's right," replied Connor," Because he lives in you. If you die, Richie will be gone from this world." "I didn't know it was him," mumbled Duncan.
"I know that," said Connor," And so does Richie. Richie knew in the end, there'd be only one. And who do you think he would want it to be, if he died?" Duncan didn't reply, but nodded his head in understanding. Connor was a wise man." You know what needs done," said Connor.
"Yes, I know. I need to say goodbye," said Duncan tearfully.