The song playing is Paula Cole's "Where Have All the Cowboy's Gone?"
I was inspired to play this by a line regarding Harm; "He really is a cowboy, isn't he?"
I got it at Midis for u.

all dressed up

Harmon Raab, Jr. started his carreer in JAG as a Lt., and has since been promoted twice. Before JAG, he was a pilot, but was diagnosed with night-blindness after he crashed a tomcat, and had to leave that. Later, it is found he was misdiagnosed; that all he has is retinal scarring which can be cured. He has the surgery, and goes back to being a pilot. Then he realizes that JAG is where he belongs, and returns.

Harm's father was also a decorated Navy pilot. He was missing in action in Vietnam. When Harm was 16, he went to Laos to search for him, and later goes to Russia. There he finds his father did survive the war, but died protecting a woman. His father is a very big influence on him, even though he is no longer with him.

Harm has had a few love interest in the series. Currently, he is seeing a director, Rene. Many people would like to see him with his sometimes partner, and best friend, Col. Sarah MacKenzie