My Favorite Men of JAG Episodes

These are my favorite Men of JAG episodes. What does this mean? I have a favorite episode that focus on each of the male characters of JAG. If I don't now I will eventually :-P So, let the games begin...


My favorite Harm episode

"Blind Side"
Harm and Bud investigate a training accident in which a woman and her child were killed by falling debris after the crew of an F-15 ejected. The plane was piloted by Harm's former flight instructor and mentor, Captain Hochausen. When Mac is assigned to represent Hochausen, he uncovers some startling evidence that could end the captain's career."- CBS site

My favorite Harm episode is "Blind Side," first aired October 14, 1997. I didn't see it until the year 2000, however.
I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, and it was a great one to showcase DJE's acting abilities. Not only did we see the serious side of Harm, but also a much more comedic and playful side, that isn't always shown. Harm and Tina Harm had great chemistry with all of the characters in this episode. I especially enjoyed Lt. Tina Schiparelli. Hillarious. Absolutely hillarious. I ended up not liking the character of Captain "Hawk" Hochausen. However, the scenes between the Hawk and Harm were superb. Harm had to deal with the issue of loyalty vs. debtitude. Harm was also great with Bud. Harm and Bud I enjoyed the scene where Rabb drunkenly stumbled into Bud. Speaking of running into people, check out the scene where Mac discovers Tina and Harm...making out in the convertible. Funny.
For such a serious episode, and don't get me wrong, it was quite serioius, and dealt with very serious issues, it had some very funny moments. That just makes the serious moments all the more serious. Check out the trial where Harm exposes Hawk in court. He does it himself, so that Tina, who was also one of the Captains mentorees, doesn't have to.
In closing, "Blind Side" was a superb episode, especially for seeing Harm Rabb, Jr. in action.

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