John M. Jackson

John M. Jackson was born June 1, 1950, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but was raised in Texas. He played high school foot ball (he got the scar on his nose from an ill fitting helmet), and played for a few weeks at University of Texas as a walk-on, but was forced to quit after a few weeks when he injured his knee. Jackson worked as a roughneck on an oil rig (did you see Armageddon?) He later became a teacher at an alternative high school, with his favorite subjects being history and geography.

Jackson fell into acting at a community theatre.

His hobbies include listening to jazz music, collecting first editions of his favorite authors, and baseball.

What do people have to say about JMJ?

"He's a big ol' redneck kid with a kind heart. He likes to be the center of attention and has a very commanding personality (which makes him perfect for his role). He's also humble (in a good way), yet confident in his abilities. He's great to work with," - Chuck Carrington, answering questions from his fans.

"John Jackson is a 6' 3" 50 year old bald guy who acts like an 8 year old. He is a comedian. He's always the center of attention. He's a big kid and for me, it's been great. Almost every scene I have done is with him. He has a great personality and he is a joy for all of us to work with."- Chuck Carrington at the JAGniks Convention

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