Detective Kermit Griffin

at the computer

Not only is Detc. Kermit Griffin a computer genius and detective, but also a former mercenary, and former CIA operative. Kermit drives a lime green Corvair convertible, that he affectionatley refers to as the Kermit-Mobile. He wears a suit and tie along with green lensed sunglasses. His choice gun is a Desert Eagle, and his mercenary instincts and reflexes are impeccable. Griffin has a sister Marylin, and at least one ex-wife. He enjoys eating Gummi-bears and surfing the net.
Special thanks to Nailbunny(Ann), and weyrbrat.

The Kermitmobile
The Kermitmobile, a lime-green Corvair convertible...Oh Yeah!

"Oh   Yeah!"

It's time for Kermit quotes!
"Patience was never your long suit, Peter." - Kermit
"Needles glow in haystacks. That's why I wear green glasses." - Kermit
"Jody, Jody, Jody, you get the key to my heart and the liquor cabinet." - Kermit
"Gotta protect my disks." - Kermit (on pulling a gun from a drawer)
"I've never seen you leave your computer before." Strenlich to Kermit
"I thought I'd get some air. Find out what's happening in the world. Is Nixon still president?" - Kermit in reply
"He's the Indiana Jones of Chinese antiquities." - Kermit, desribing Caine.
"I'm not most people." - Kermit to Bon Bon Hai
"What makes me so special to Peter. There are a lot of cops in this precinct." - Kermit to Caine
"They are all being watched. You are the only one who can ... shake a tail anytime you wished. Peter knows that." - Caine in reply
"You must be Kermit." - Tobin
"Did my glasses give me away?" - Kermit in reply
"My subconscious is a dark and dank place. Caine wouldn't survive there."-Kermit

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