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This page hadn't been updated in nearly two years, but now, after recovering my pass word, it's being updated! Have no fear true believers! It might take some time to get it going, so please be patient, and visit often, as I will be updating often!


A.K.A. Methos MacLeod, MacMethos, Moth MacLeod, et. al.

Bad boys, bad boys.  Whatcha gonna do?
Last updated 4/00

Table of Contents

The 101st Precinct: Go here to learn about Peter, Blaisdell, Simms, Kermit, and the rest of the precinct gang!
Kwoon: Go here to learn about Caine, his family, and the Ancient!
Credits and Links: I'd like to thank....
Fan Fiction: Includes KF:TLC fic, Highlander:TS fic, and cross overs.

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