The Ancient

"They call me that because I'm so old."

Lo Si, known to many as The Ancient, is now an apothecary in China town. He is a Shaolin priest, and a Shamballah master. He is Caine's teacher in the art of Shamballah. Unlike Caine, Lo Si has nothing against modern inventions, and has, among other things, a microwave oven. He often joins Caine and Peter in invistagation, and in battles. He is a guide and friend to both Peter and his father, and has an impish sense of humor.

Lo Si teaches Peter many things when Caine isn't there. He even taught Peter how to play better hockey!

"Bloody   Marvelous!"

And other Ancient quotes.

"You guys checked out Chinese restaurants for large orders of spicy takeout ... And this 'detective' work paid off for you. Like the Hardy Boys." - Peter to Caine and the Ancient
"When the mongoose is young, the cobra is his toy. When he is old, he should not play with cobras." - The Ancient, on fighting at his age
"Fear is natural for one who is to be Emperor." Lo Si to Sing- Ling
"Each of us has four faces: the one we show, the one that is seen, the one we believe is true, and the one that is true." - Lo Si to Sing-Ling
"It is not wise to mess with Merlin." - Lo Si, after mystifying the Shadow Assassin
"Peter, I'm old, beyond the reach of hatred." - Lo Si to Peter
All battles against evil must be joined. Or the soul will be as paper in the flames." - Lo Si
"I have the wisdom of the ages." - The Ancient
"Dancing will revitalize me." - The Ancient
"How could you let him go out on his own?" - Peter to Lo Si about his father
"You know how stubborn your father is." - Lo Si in reply
"Wrestle him to the ground next time." - Peter
"An interesting suggestion." - Lo Si
"Your father is very stubborn, like you." - Lo Si to Peter
"That was very invigorating." - Lo Si after fighting off Lennox's men