The Loves of Sarah MacKenzie

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mac and mic

Mac and Mic

Lt. Commander Mic Brumby of RAN appears in "Mr. Raab Goes to Washington" He is attracted to Mac, and she seems attracted to him as well, though she tries to keep him at bay, but never tells him to stop. They kiss for the first time on an elevator, then again before he leaves for Oz.
In "Boomerang," because Mic is "smart as a dingo," Mac comes to Australia, and Mic takes her to a beach. You may not know this, but most of the beaches in Oz are topless, so...ahem...And them Harm and Bud see Mac topless with Mic. In Boomerang Part 2, Mic proposes to Mac. She wears his ring on her right hand, to give her time to think about it.
the kiss

Mac and Harm

Harmon Raab, Jr. and Sarah MacKenzie have always been partners or on opposite sides of the court room. More importantly, they've been friends. If they aren't married in so many years, they plan to have a child together. Some people want Harm and Mac to get together now. These people are referred to as "Shippers."
One thing keeping Mac and Harm apart is the fact that she looks exactly like his dead girlfriend. There are, of course, othere problems. The main question, though, are they in love? Many think they are, and some don't see it. Only DPB can tell you that! Keep watching to find out! hug

Mac and AJ

Mac and AJ

During the third season, we find that Admiral Chegwidden is attracted to Mac. He has a dream with her in it in "Intent to Die," and he comes close to kissing her in "The Stalker." Although, he was the one who stopped the kiss, because he is her commanding officer.

Lately, AJ has taken on the role of a mentor, and some seem to think they have no future, considering the comment he made about wanting a front seat in Oz. Only time will tell. See my MAC/AJ slide show by opening real player, and going to rtsp:// almost

Past Loves

Mac and Chris

Mac and Chris

Mac was once married to Chris Ragle. Divorced. He got killed.

Mac and Commander Farrow

He was her commanding officer...and married.

mac and dalton

Mac and Dalton Lowne

Why past love? They broke up, plus, he got killed.