Class Time


Kermit griffin, computer hacker extrodinaire and mostly-ex mercenary turned cop, leaned back in his chair. Things were actually mostly quiet here in Sloanville for a change. For being a medium sized town it could sure cook up some large crimes.

Sighing, he picked up his computer classes catalogue. There was a rule that said every specialist had to take one class a year to keep up proficiencies. Kermit had yet to find a way around that, but he was working on it. In the mean time he took his required class and tryed not to actually go to sleep. I t was that or lose his deignation as a specialist and join the other detective out in the bullpen, not an option in his book "May as well go to kindergarden now," he grummbled.

Looking over the options he perked up a bit. Well, there was a t least one that he would stay awake for. Adn there was some interesting new search engines the intuctor had bene taking about last year, maybe it was out now, and he could get e preview of it.

Grabbing hte booklet and circling the desired class, he convayed it and himself to Captain Paul Blaisdell's office.

"Come," was the terce response to his knock.

"Hey, Paul, can I get you aproval for my yearly grade school excersion?" Kermit asked, taking the seat across from his superior when the man indicated that he should. Godo news was it mewant Paul wasn;t terribly busy so would be in a good mood, bad news was it meant he would serious look at what Kermit was taking instead of merely signing off on it trusting his freind to chose an aprocriate class.

"Internet search methods?" Paul looked up at his oldest and, next to his wife, best friend in disbelief. No one was better then Kermit at finding things.

"Well, the instuctor at last years conference had mentioned some new search engines being developed so I thought it was worth a look," Kermit explained.

"I still think there's more to this," Paul muttered, shaking his head while signing off on the class.

Kermit jsst smiled as he left. Something that did not reasure the captain.

A week later Kermit grinning behind his green shades entered the hotel where the conference and classes were being held. Double checking the room assignment, he headed into his class and parked himself in the back. Invisibility was a good thing.

The instruct came in and began bringing class to order. Yep, just like he remebered her. Not particularly tall, but then neither was he. A little plump, but hey, all the more for him to enjoy. And a voice that was sultry, smoky kind of thing that actresses tryed to copy for jazz club seens, but could never really get right. Hummm, maybe he could get some extra homework help after class?

Kermit leaned back in the chiar, obviously wit hthe right instructor these classes could be a nice thing after all.