Hey, Kermitologists! I'm going to begin posting Grief tonight. Hope y'all enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed being part of this new list. I'd missed having Kermit obsessed conversations. *G*

This announcement attached is the one that originally went with the story. It explains its origins and offers some insight to the "why" of this story. Hope y'all enjoy this gift from me to you.

Mwah! Suz


Dear Fuies,

A few years ago, I finished a novella called GRIEF'S MELANCHOLY SHADE written by me and Rhonda Hallstrom. Monica Sztybel edited it like a warrior :) and Linda Knights graciously published it for us. Linda has recently cut back her zine business because of health problems so this baby is no longer available for sale. Tracy offered to take over producing but after some serious consideration, I figured that it has made its run in sales and is ready to be set free. :) Hopefully, once I let this one go, I'll be able to get back to work on some new stuff. Over the next few days, I'll be posting it to the list then it'll find a permanent home on Tracy's website ( -- gotta love that name ).

By way of explanation, I'll simply post the promo we used to advertise below:

"GRIEF'S MELANCHOLY SHADE is a novella by Susan McNeill and Rhonda Hallstrom. In the aftermath of the KF:TLC episode 'Storm Warning,' Kermit Griffin finds himself immersed in memories of his brother, Detective David Griffin, a Florida police officer brutally murdered in an undercover operation. Upon returning home, the present and past collide, forcing Kermit to face the defining moments of his relationship with his younger brother. GRIEF'S MELANCHOLY SHADE is a story about stumbling, survival, and redemption. But most of all, it's about family."

This was very special to me and Rhonda and I hope you'll enjoy it. Of course, you won't get a chance to see the lovely (hot...really hot...did I say hot?) Kermit portrait Barbara Eickhoff created for the cover and that's a shame. It was beautiful Requiem Kermit (hair and beard!) from the photo my buddies at FuFest graciously let me outbid them for. Heck, that drawing was worth the price of the zine. (Note: It's all Kermit so if that's not your bag, delete it, but it's NOT AU so some of you folks who don't normally read our stuff, might dig this one.)

Rhonda passed away shortly after we finished the first draft and going through the editing process was kind of a healing experience for me. Kermit was saying goodbye to David while I said goodbye to Rhonda. Early in the writing when we were searching for a title, Rhonda had found a poem with just the right sentiment. I think y'all will agree. So, as I set this story free to the winds of the internet, I'll leave you with that poem and my gift.


Weep not for those
Who sink within the arms of death
Ere yet the chilling wintry breath
Of sorrow o'er them blows;

But weep for them who here remain
The mournful heritors of pain
Condemn'd to see each bright joy fade,
And mark grief's melancholy shade
Flung over Hope's fairest rose.

--Mrs. Embury