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Welcome to the Kermit Griffin Fan-Fiction Archive. This is for fan-fiction based on the character of Kermit Griffin from the television series " Kung Fu: The Legend Continues " . Please feel free to browse, sorting the stories either by author, title, or genre. Submissions to the archive are welcome. Please follow the "Submit" link for more information. Also, please note our disclaimers.

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Disclaimer: The stories archived here are works of fiction based on the character of Kermit Griffin from Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. All characters taken from these shows/movies are owned by their creators, producers or whomever has legal claim to the copyright of said characters, shows and movies. KF:TLC is owned by Warner Brothers. No infringement is intended by their use. The site owner(s) and the writers of these fan fiction works merely wish to express appreciation for the the character of Kermit Griffin and the television show KF:TLC. Only the ideas and any original characters contained within the works in the archive are the works of their authors. This is a free site; no profit is being earned by the writers or site maintainer(s).

Do not archive, transmit, reproduce or otherwise use any of the works or other content (images, etc.) found on this site without first receiving written permission from the site owner(s) and/or the author of the work(s).

Some of the works contained in this site may include mature situations, strong language and so forth. Archived works include a rating to guide readers. If you don't care for stories with such content, please don't read them. If the rating is R or above and you are underage, do not read the item. Please be a responsible reader.

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