Scott Wentworth

Scott Wentworth Scott Wentworth is the actor who plays Kermit Griffin. It can be seen from simply KF:TLC that Mr. Wentworth is a superb actor, but there is even more proof in his numerous stage, film, and television roles.
Current News:

In 2003, Mr. Wentworth was seen on the stage at the Stratford, Ontario, Canada Shakespeare Festival. He was in three plays, Romeo and Juliet, as Capulet; Richard III, as Clarence; and The Scarlet Pimpernel, as Robespierre. I had the pleasure of being able to see Romeo and Juliet and The Scarlet Pimpernel this coming October, and Scott was great. In 2004, I saw Scott as one of the lead characters in Guys and Dolls. Great again! And what a voice!!!For more information about the Stratford Festival, see their official website.

The latest news is that Scott and his wife Marion Adlerwill be doing Gunmetal Blues March 13 to April 3, 2005 at Postscript Productions in Stratford. Scott has also been cast for next season at The Festival: Fyodor in the Brothers Karamozov David Cutrere in Orpheus Descending, and Roger Mortimer of Wigmore in Edward II.

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