Gunnery Sergeant Victor Galindez

Gunnery Sergeant Victor Galindez is always there in the clutch. He has many skills including investigative skills, marksman skills, office management skills, athletic skills and more. Galindez is an accomplished marine having served in various venues including Washington, D.C., Afghanistan, Iraq, and Paraguay, among others. From a small town in New Mexico, Galindez has also worked in the Sheriff's office. He has been shot at least 3 times now, but he keeps on going. He has at least two sisters, whom he has learned a lot from. Victor enjoys doing his job, and also likes to box. His favorite opponents include Navy SeALs.

In our world, Galindez is played by the talented actor, Randy Vasquez. Randy was born October 16, 1961. His hobbie include Baseball, refinishing furniture, riding motorcycles and volunteering. He currently resides in California.