Not only does Caine excell in Kung Fu, but in many other things as well. He can play the flute, the guitar, and the piano. He can use meditation to locate people, and he can time travel(with the help of the Ancient, and sometimes Peter). Caine has skills in many fields as well. For example carpentry, gambling, medicine, and music. He can fix a car, and displace air. He is amazing, and there is more about him unknown.

"I   am   no   hero.   I   had   to   act.   There   was   no   choice.   "

And other Caine quotes

"The courageous fighter shuns violence. The skillful soldier avoids anger. A mighty warrior does not fight for petty conquests." - Caine
"True insight cannot be gained by specialized knowledge, by victory or defeat, doctrine or dogma. It can only be achieved by the illumination of one's inner self. In other words it does not matter who wins or loses." - Caine
"When one eye is fixed on the destination, you have only one eye to search for the way." - Caine
"I can see beyond the eyes. A sometimes unfortunate gift." - Caine
"If a man sees a wrong and does nothing, how can he still call himself a man?" - Caine
"A battle avoided cannot be lost." - Caine quoting Sun Tzu
"I do not drive ... I do not [have a social security number]." - Caine
"I don't know what goes on in his head." - Peter on Caine
"In trust, as in love, there's always a risk." - Caine
"A man who has no skill can be taught. A man who has no honor has nothing ... You must guard your honor, Peter. It is the most precious possession you will ever have. It is the one thing that can never be taken from you." - Caine
"One makes friends with many skills in 15 years of wandering." - Caine
"In kung fu, battle does not force you apart. It brings you together." - Caine
"You have a lot to learn, my son ... but you do have ... a good right cross." - Caine to Peter
"You helped me. You understood even, even though I couldn't always talk to you. That night you ... you understood. I love you for that. Just for being there." - Peter
"It is, the function, of a father." - Caine, in response.
"That night, I needed you perhaps even more than you needed me." - Caine


His born name is Kwai Cang Caine, but to friends he is simply Caine. Not only is Caine a Shaolin priest, but a Shambolah master as well. He has one son, Peter, to his deceased wife, Laura Katherine Caine. After 15 years with his son, the temple in which they were living was destroyed, and Peter, Caine thought. But he was wrong, and fifteen years later the two were reunited. Caine is a respescted citizen and apothecary in China town. He cannot drive, has no social security number, yet he was on the City Council.(He has resigned from this posistion) He taught his son, and others who want to learn. Caine's students, besides Peter, have been Cheryl Hines, Jake Hudson, Rico, Emily and Billy Stramm, Valerie Mitchell, William Two-Feathers(deceased), Alicia Wright, Deborah Drakeford, Ariel, Marv, Ricki, and Mary Margeret Skalany.
Caine's love interest is Mary Margaret Skalany, Peter's partner. He is currently, however, in search of his wife, Laura Katherine Caine, whom he thought to be dead.

"I   do   not   know"

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