Detective Peter Caine

Peter Caine spent the first part of his life at a Shaolin temple with his father, Kwai Chang Caine. Peter's mother died when he was very young. After the temple was destroyed, Peter thought his father had been killed, and went to live in an orphanage. In order to skip a math class, Peter attended a seminar held by the Police. There he met Paul Blaisdell, who adopted him. Peter later became a cop like his adoptive father. Fifteen years later Peter was reunited with his father, who had thought he was dead. Kwai Chang moved to the city, and Peter spent a lot of time with him. Caine tught his son enough to become a Shaolin priest, but Peter declined, to stay a cop. Peter drives a dodge stealth, and his choice weapon is a 9mm Beretta.
UPDATE: Peter Caine is now a Shaolin priest, and has resigned from the Police Force.

"I speak Chinese. I know the culture. I can shoot the eye of a sparrow. Can I have his job?" - Peter
"When did you get so cynical?" - Tyler to Peter
"When I learned the truth about Milli Vanilli." - Peter's response
"You must learn to see with more than your eyes." - Caine to Peter
"A wise man accomplishes his goals without love of glory." - Caine
"Without love of violence." - Peter finished.
"I am glad to see you remember some of my useless sayings." - Caine
"I remembered part of my kung fu training." - Peter to Caine
"But you forgot the most important part." - Caine in reply
"What's that?" - Peter
"To duck." - Caine
"If I can't dazzle them with my game, I'll baffle them with my bull." - Peter
"You have a lot to learn, my son ... but you do have ... a good right cross." - Caine to Peter
"I'm supposed to be a hot shot cop, but (uh) sometimes my partners bore me. If I can't solve a case, my pop will solve it for me!" - Peter, singing an impromptu duet with TJ at Chandlers

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